Outdoor Pool Refurbishment

Brookforge refurbished this outdoor pool in North London. We added a Covrex automatic cover, complete with underwater skimmer system that allows the pool to have a high freeboard giving the pool the look of an overflow pool without all of the cost. We laid Natural Stone slabs to create a modern looking surround that extended across the width of the rear garden of this property near to the much sought after location of Bishops Avenue and Hampstead.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment Complete

Swimming pool refurbishmentA swimming pool refurbishment has successfully completed just in time for the sun coming out this weekend. The existing outdoor pool overlooks a Cotswold valley and required a complete refurbishment. The pool had fallen into a sorry state after nearly 40 years of use so needed stripping out for a complete refurbishment and bringing up to date with the latest plant room equipment.

The pool had previously been covered with a bubble solar cover but as part of the refurbishment they required a new automated hidden slatted cover system.

The structure of the existing pool shell had stood up to the test of time but new structural calcs were required to add on a new ‘letterbox style’ cover pit; which was constructed behind the existing shallow end wall.

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Time for a pool upgrade?

Indoor Pool With Water CurtainPlant Rooms

We often refurbish plant rooms as part of renovation projects. Well designed plant rooms using high quality pipework and equipment, installed properly, should provide years of trouble free service.

When one or more of these things is missing however, the plant room will not last for anywhere near as long as its original intended service life.

Our Service:

  • Replacement of lower quality white ABS pipe and fittings with high quality grey PVC.
  • Installation of locking pipe clips to prevent pipework sagging over time.
  • Fixing leaks in pipework and fittings.
  • Offering solutions to features that have stopped working or have never worked.
  • Replacement of old equipment with new, updated equivalents, read more about¬†intelliflo.
  • Increased functionality; automated solutions & wireless control, click intellipool to read more.
  • Water treatment upgrades; whether this in achieved through more efficient filtration, more effective chemical dosing or the addition of disinfection equipment such as UV and ozone systems. Read More…

Tiling Nears Completion, Cheltenham

Edging tiles are fixed

The surround tiles have nearly been finished, with the pool tiles not far behind. Stainless steel skimmers with an automatic top-up have been installed. A chromed stainless steel faceplate will be installed after tiling is finished. To view the construction products used please follow this link.

Refurbishment Project: Tiling begins, Cheltenham

Mosaics are fixed to tanking

Tiling has begun at our local site, a refurbishment project to both house and modernise a dated, outdoor pool. The previous tiles have been removed, the shell has had its depth increased and has been tanked. The tile adhesive used is a rapid curing, water resistant product. More about the adhesive can be found here.