Swim school ready for swimmers

swim school poolAn ambitious swim school project was to diversify an existing dairy farm and branch out with a new business. The concept was to answer the call for more swimming pools available to the general public in rural areas.

The Parlour Pool is a new indoor swimming pool serving the local community around Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire. The pool was designed to be used for swimming lessons and is available for hire to groups of 2-6 people. Located in a private setting on a working dairy farm; the Parlour Pool offers something different for local people looking for somewhere quiet to swim.

With the help of a Rural Development grant the original derelict farm buildings were demolished to make way for the Parlour Pool.

Because the swim school pool is available for private hire to the general public; the correct water treatment and air handling was essential to maintain the fabric of the building and most importantly provide a comfortable environment for bathers.

Swim school Pool in Farm Barn Swim school hand rail Farm Swim School swim school pool Swim School grab rail Thermal Slatted cover closed on swim school pool

The entire swim school project has been documented in a really funny and interesting blog from the brains behind the project and can be found here:  Parlour Pool  Blog

If you are interested in hiring the pool then hop along to their main website: Parlour Pool

Infinity Overflow Pool in Sand Banks

Infinity Overflow PoolThe construction of an infinity overflow pool has been completed down on the south coast in Bournemouth.

The beach side pool has spectacular views across pool harbor and was part of a new build luxury development in Sand Banks.    

The Infinity pool also benefited from a Binder Water turbine which creates a wide natural river current to swim against with out any associated splashing.

To maintain the water temperature over night the pool has an automated motorized slatted cover which appears from behind a false wall along the pool steps. The water circulation is controlled via Besgo valves to ensure that when the slatted cover was closed the water stops overflowing the infinity edge and prevent further heat losses. 

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Pool Structure Complete

Its the six day on site and the pool structure is complete. After a successful concrete pour the previous day the walls are solid and we can start to remove the bracing and shutter boards.

Whilst the braces are being removed suction and return pipework is installed back to the plant room before the block and beam floors are completed throughout the pool building.

This phase of the pool build is now complete, with the pool structure in place we will return to site once the pool building has been erected around the pool.

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Concrete Day!

It’s the fifth day on the new pool build and we’re ready for concrete! The insulated concrete form-work we use for our swimming pool shells requires the concrete to be pumped in (via a concrete pump) in a loose liquid form.

Usually pumped via a long boom it means we can reach even the hardest to reach areas and can ensure consistency through the entire pour. Any air pockets are removed with vibration which happens throughout the pour with the use of hand held concrete pokers.

In a matter of a few hours the reinforced concrete pool shell is complete and will begin to cure over night. By the following morning (day 6) the concrete has cured enough that we can begin to remove the the bracing and in the subsequent days it will strengthen further. Read More…