Case Study: Renovation in Progress, Cheltenham

The client wanted to house and modernise his outdoor swimming pool. Brookforge have provided consultation and specialist installation services to assist the client in achieving his goals.

Air Handling

Indoor swimming pools require more consideration for the design due to humidity levels. Special attention needs to be given to glazing and other cold surfaces such as structural steelwork. This is often overlooked which is why we discussed air handling with the client’s architect. After considering the design, Brookforge advised that the amount of glazing be reduced as to sufficiently dehumidify the current configuration would be extremely expensive to run. After showing our calculations, the architect found a balance between natural light, aesthetics and running costs.

Brookforge specialise in air handling consultation, design and installation. We offer these services to clients and contractors on a regular basis and operate nationally.

The importance of the air handling design cannot be overstated; we recently surveyed a site with a poorly designed air handling arrangement and neglected unit. Due to damaged caused by the humidity levels, the entire roof will need replacing costing in excess of £150k.


Working from the architects plans,  our specialist ductwork designer produced a layout to be agreed by all parties. Once agreed, Brookforge installed and insulated the ducting runs, grilles and the air handling unit.


Brookforge can provide ductwork insulation as well as insulation panels of structural quality. In this case, our insulation panels were used between the roof rafters, to insulate the ceiling and between the steels.

Pool Shell

The pool shell needed to be completely refinished, as well as having the depth increased. First the old tiles were stripped over, revealing render that was delaminating. The pool was re-rendered using an Ardex rapid curing tile adhesive, to see more about our swimming

The old skimmers were removed and new stainless steel skimmers installed, and cast in along with new inlets and a vacuum point.

The pool previous had a high freeboard (distance from the pool surround to the water), we suggested this as the perfect opportunity to resolve the issue and the clients agreed.


With links to all the major tile manufactures, we were confident that we’d be able to satisfy the client’s style and budget. After showing the client a stretched ceiling, he decided he would like us to install one. You can find out more about stretched ceilings here.