Swimming Pool Refurbishment Complete

Swimming pool refurbishmentA swimming pool refurbishment has successfully completed just in time for the sun coming out this weekend. The existing outdoor pool overlooks a Cotswold valley and required a complete refurbishment. The pool had fallen into a sorry state after nearly 40 years of use so needed stripping out for a complete refurbishment and bringing up to date with the latest plant room equipment.

The pool had previously been covered with a bubble solar cover but as part of the refurbishment they required a new automated hidden slatted cover system.

The structure of the existing pool shell had stood up to the test of time but new structural calcs were required to add on a new ‘letterbox style’ cover pit; which was constructed behind the existing shallow end wall.

The cover system used has its own integrated skimmer system which allows for a far higher water level when compared to a regular pool shell skimmers. Another advantage with the integrated skimmer system is that any debris which is on a closed cover is automatically removed from the pool upon opening the pool cover.

The pools plant room upgrade included a multi-cyclone pre-filter which removes any debris prior to the pool filtration system reducing the frequency of back washing required.

The pool water treatment was handled by an IntelliChlor system which uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs automatically.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment before pictures

Swimming Pool Refurbishment complete pictures