Completion: Self Contained Plant Room, Destination Nigeria.

Self Contained Plant Room

This recently completed self-contained plant room has been entirely built inside a standard 20 foot shipping container. The client in Nigeria required a commercially rated system with automatic chemical dosing amongst other automatic features. The plant room has been fully tested using a large tank of water to simulate the high volume turnover it was designed to handle. A video tutorial of how to operate and maintain the plant room was filmed inside the container and provided to the client. We will hopefully have an update in the coming months with the system fully installed in Nigeria. To discuss a similar option, or for anything else, please contact us here.

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Completion: Primary School Pool Refurbishment, Cheltenham

The last section of mosaics are laid

This pool was in need of major refurbishment in order to be useable by the children for the new school year. The pool had previously been painted, this became a yearly task and did not leave a decent finish. The coping stones surrounding the pool were cracked and in desperate need of replacement. The plant room has been completely refurbished with new pipework, filter pump, automatic chemical control and dosing pumps. This setup will seriously reduce the maintenance time and costs associated, freeing up more time for swimming lessons.

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Completion: Private School Refurbishment, Oxford

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

A complete refurbishment of an existing liner pool at an independent school in Oxford. The pool needed updating with a new commercial grade liner, stainless steel skimmers and handrails.The depth was also reduced to bring down the running costs; as there is a lower volume of water, less is spent on heating and consumables. The end result is a cheaper pool to run with increased turnover.

A completely new updated automated plantroom was installed with the ability to cope with the heavy bather load.

Certikin SLX deep bed filters were installed with Besgo automatic backwash valves, reducing the need for on-site weekly service

Brookforge worked directly with the on-site maintenance team to quickly get this pool back up and running

6m Deep Submarine Testing Tank North Yorkshire

Submarine Testing Tank

One of the more interesting projects that Brookforge has taken on recently was a Submarine Testing Tank. The tank is over 6m deep and contains over 700 cubic metres of water.

As the tank is for testing new pieces of under water equipment, provisions had to be taken for the possibility of oil leaks within the pool. Brookforge developed a sluice system using custom made skimmers that would remove the top layer of water quickly with minimal wastage. Read More…

Wellness Centre Hydrotherapy Pool Northamptonshire

Relaxation Pool & Spa at Wellness centre

Relaxation Pool & Spa

A new Wellness center required a deck-level hydrotherapy pool and spa area. Brookforge worked with the client to develop the concept into reality.

Brookforge provided a complete design and installation service for all pool hydraulics, features and filtration systems.

The pool is a unique shape and incorporates discrete areas for: a body massage station, foot and back massage station, 5 air bubble seats,  a neck massage curtain, and 4 reclining air loungers.

The plant room was technically challenging, with an array of filtration pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps and air blowers to be installed within an extremely small room.


Relaxation Pool Visual

Relaxation Pool Visual

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