Independent School 25m Competition Pool & Spa Bath North Yorkshire

Indoor Pool & Spas

Indoor Pool & Spas

Brookforge designed, supplied and installed all pool hydraulics and equipment for a 25 metre competition pool and a huge 16 seat spa bath at Queen Ethelburga’s College, North Yorkshire.  The installation had to be of the highest quality both technically and visually.

The commercial grade installation included five Certikin1600mm diameter SLX commercial filters, 6 high output commercial pumps, and stainless steel plate heat ex-changers for heating,

We installed commercial Ultraviolet disinfection systems backed up with full amperometric automatic chemical dosing systems,

Swiss Besgo automatic backwash valves, and six multi-cyclone pre-filtration units, were installed to reduce water consumption and maintenance overheads.

Ref: 8-222