A period manor house, set in the Cotswolds

Insulated Pool Wall Construction

Initial Pool Wall Construction

The owner has designed a modern, sedum roofed structure hidden within the hillside to house a 16m deck level swimming pool and deck level spa.

Brookforge were appointed to design and build an insulated pool and spa onto a pre-formed pool base. Brookforge have designed all pool hydraulics and will install all of the plant room. Our 3rd party partners are designing and installing the H&V ducting. The project is in progress with the concrete walls poured. More info to follow >>>>

Outdoor Insulated Quadlock Pool London

Pool wall construction

ICF Pool wall construction

A new build pool in NW2. Working closely with the architect, client and main contractor Brookforge have designed and constructed a fully insulated Quadlock pool shell.

Having just passed its watertightness tests, the pool will be tiled and have stainless steel wall fittings. There will be a Calorex air source heat pump to efficiently heat the pool and a Covrex automatic cover to retain the heat. Updates to follow…


Ref:  9-438

Indoor Insulated Overflow Pool Cambridgeshire

Insulated Indoor Overflow Pool

Insulated Indoor Overflow Pool

Working directly with the end user and their construction team, Brookforge designed, installed and commissioned this indoor overflow pool.

The pool was constructed using our Quadlock Pool ICF shuttering system and benefited from a very subtle slot overflow channel hidden beneath the copings and surround tile.

The Quadlock Pool system enabled one wall of the pool hall to be built directly on top of the pool wall, maximizing pool surround space elsewhere in the swimming pool building.

The pool featured semi-circular entry steps and submerged bench seating running along the full length of the pool.

The swimming pool and its overflow channel, plus the balance tank were waterproofed with Brookforge’s unique spray applied, flexible tanking membrane.

All the pool shell fittings were made in polished stainless steel and a high flow-rate counter current unit was installed in the deep end wall.

As the pool hall had large amounts of glass windows it was critical that a correctly sized, fully ducted Heatstar air handling unit was installed to ensure that the humidity, air temperature and water temperature were kept at the optimum levels.

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The First Quadlock Insulated Pool Cheltenham

Insulated swimming pool by nightA new build fully insulated outdoor swimming pool installed in the Cotswold’s.

Built using the Quadlock Insulating Concrete Form-work (ICF) pool shell, insulated on both internal and external faces of all walls.

The pool benefited from:

  • Fully insulated pool floor, walls and pipe runs
  • Automatic remote control insulated slatted cover
  • Color changing fibre optic lights
  • High spec stainless steel shell fittings
  • Counter current swim jet unit
  • Twin hydrotherapy water jets

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22m Child friendly play pool West Yorkshire

The client is extending a refurbishing large period dwelling to become a 52 bedroomed residence for friends and family. When the client’s project manager went on holiday days before a concrete pour and pool materials had not been ordered, the client turned to Brookforge for help Read More…