22m Child friendly play pool West Yorkshire

The client is extending a refurbishing large period dwelling to become a 52 bedroomed residence for friends and family. When the client’s project manager went on holiday days before a concrete pour and pool materials had not been ordered, the client turned to Brookforge for help Read More…

Classic Swimming Pool and Steam Room Refurbishment Hertfordshire

Refurbished Pool

Upgrade and refurbishment of a classically designed pool.

    • Design & Consultancy: pool shell, filtration, disinfection & plant room equipment
    • Re-tiling of pool shell with Bisazza mosaic tiles
    • Installation of new stainless steel fittings
    • Installation of new counter-current swim unit
    • Installation of new LED colour changing lights
    • Installation of ozone water treatment system with de-gas unit
    • Installation of semi-automatic chlorine and pH dosing system
    • Installation of automatic backwash system

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