Southampton: Refurbishment Project

Depth increased, new skimmers installed and concrete tanked

We were asked to refurbish and improve an outdoor pool that was to be housed for year round use. The specification included increasing the depth of the entire pool, installing skimmers with an automatic top up, fitting new lights and install a modern plant room. A Calorex Delta air handling unit along with all duct-work was also specified and installed.

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Completion: Primary School Pool Refurbishment, Cheltenham

The last section of mosaics are laid

This pool was in need of major refurbishment in order to be useable by the children for the new school year. The pool had previously been painted, this became a yearly task and did not leave a decent finish. The coping stones surrounding the pool were cracked and in desperate need of replacement. The plant room has been completely refurbished with new pipework, filter pump, automatic chemical control and dosing pumps. This setup will seriously reduce the maintenance time and costs associated, freeing up more time for swimming lessons.

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Completion: Private School Refurbishment, Oxford

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

A complete refurbishment of an existing liner pool at an independent school in Oxford. The pool needed updating with a new commercial grade liner, stainless steel skimmers and handrails.The depth was also reduced to bring down the running costs; as there is a lower volume of water, less is spent on heating and consumables. The end result is a cheaper pool to run with increased turnover.

A completely new updated automated plantroom was installed with the ability to cope with the heavy bather load.

Certikin SLX deep bed filters were installed with Besgo automatic backwash valves, reducing the need for on-site weekly service

Brookforge worked directly with the on-site maintenance team to quickly get this pool back up and running

External Ductwork Southampton

External ductwork, installed and ready for insulation


The newly built pool hall requires a fairly extensive air handling system to cope with the amount of glazing. Brookforge can design, supply and install the entire system with bespoke options to suit your needs. Contacts us here for a quote.

22m Outdoor Pool Refurbishment Cotswolds

22m Outdoor Pool

Brookforge were commissioned to provide designs for the complete refurbishment of a 22m outdoor concrete pool in the Cotswold’s.

Working with the Client’s appointed building company, Brookforge provided design, consultancy and engineering services, re-piping and supplying new swimming pool equipment in the plant room.

Previously the swimming pool relied on a manual reel type thermal cover – Brookforge gave full structural designs for the construction and supply of a fully automatic slatted cover, built on to the end of the existing pool wall, in a “letter-box” type flooded pit.

We installed a Besgo automatic backwash valve to save space, water and reduced weekly maintenance requirements. We also advised on and supplied high quality mosaic pool tiles.

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