Swimming Pool Tanking solutions for pool or spa shells, balance tanks. Our system efficiently seals around pipework and fittings.


To avoid tiles cracking, we recommend using a decoupling mat between the tile adhesive and the substrate below. The correct tile adhesive must be used to deal with continuous submersion. Click Tiling solutions to find out more about our solution to this problem.

Construction Products

It is typically an advantage to use rapid curing products during the construction of a swimming pool. Their use leads to less cracks and damage caused by weather, which can affect the integrity of the tanking membrane. The products we use and supply are specifically designed to be resistant to continuous water submersion, contact with chemicals, and flexible to counter any movements that structures face from huge water pressures.

We also supply and install panels for the insulation of concrete slabs.

Air Handling

Indoor swimming pools generate high levels of humidity, to combat this, air handling systems are required to dehumidify the air, often performing other tasks such as air/water heating.


We provide pre-assembled components and fittings such as skimmers and watertight conduits. For further information, Contact Brookforge.