Product Feature: IntelliPool – Pool & Spa Automation and Remote Management

Features are now automated and the general condition of the water can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Warning emails are sent if there are any problems such as readings falling outside of their set parameters. There are a number of features including:

  • Remote Access using any internet enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer; allows you to monitor and control your pool anywhere and anytime.
  • Wireless communication between components enables free positioning of indoor components without extra costs for providing communication cable.
  • IntelliPool™ is the first system that fully exploits the potential of IntelliFlo® variable speed pumps in always automatically establishing the most efficient speed for every application while at the same time being as energy efficient as possible (up to 90% savings compared to conventional pumps).
  • Less maintenance Intervention required because poolbuilders can analyse, solve and adjust many issues without the need to actually go and inspect the pool. IntelliPool™ can send an e-mail directly to the poolbuilder if one of the pool’s parameters exceeds its limits.
  • Unique 2-way communication with IntelliFlo® and IntelliChlor® guarantee optimum functionality and feedback.
  • Installation is easy and straightforward. IntelliPool™ can easily be retrofitted onto existing pools.
  • No subscription fee for accessing pool data over smartphone or internet.
  • Cost effective dosing pumps for Cl and/or Ph control including level sensor available.
  • Automated Filter Backwash possible using powered push-pull valves.
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