Pool wall construction begins in London basement pool

Pool Hall WallWork begins for the pool wall construction on a twin depth basement swimming pool in London. The walls are being constructed using the Quadlock Insulated Concrete Form-work (ICF) system and is being built on a reinforced slab installed by the existing site workers from Brookforge drawings.

The shallow water depth is 1.3m going down to a deep end water depth of 2m and the pool will be a skimmer pool with a 150mm free-board to the surround floor tiles.

 Pool wall quadlock track  Pool wall construction  Pool wall steels in quadlock wall

New build basement swimming pool wall construction with Quadlock

When the Quadlock insulated form-work and the associated reinforcing steel-work are ready, concrete will be pumped down into the basement through large core rubber hoses from road level concrete pump with extendable boom. Using this method of construction will save greatly on time and also ensure a regular consistency of the concrete which will be brought to site remixed in a mixer wagon.

poolwall05    poolwall06    poolwall07  poolwall08   poolwall09   poolwall10  poolwall11  poolwall12

As the project progresses, we will be posting regular updates so you can follow the pool build project progress by clicking the project number: 14-591.