Completion: Luxury Deck Level Pool and Spa

Luxury insulated overflow pool with custom slatted cover save huge amounts of energy

A perfect union of minimalism and grandeur. It is hard to believe that a commercially rated, fully insulated 18m swimming pool and separate spa are concealed within this subtle design. With the covers open, the space in front of the house is transformed into an area of tranquility and repose, a space in which to socialise, entertain and soak up the rural surroundings; admiring the design and craftsmanship of the property as a whole.

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Luxury Infinity Pool – Praiano, Italy

View from top of pool

This luxury, infinity pool is situated in the hills of Praiano. With the breathtaking views overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, the decision to design the pool as an ‘infinity pool’, was an obvious one. The pool features include a bespoke counter-current system, automatic slatted cover, water saving Multi-cyclone, automatic backwash system and ozone water purification. We work overseas and offer a range of packages to suit your requirements; whether it be design, consultancy, installation or supply. Why not contact us here.

Completion: Round Column Pool, Shropshire

Round Luxury Swimming Pool

Unique Luxury Round Swimming Pool

This in one our more interesting pool projects, a 9.6m diameter round pool with 8 structural natural stone clad columns (0.5m dia) coming from within the pool.

The pool benefited from 16 led underwater lights with the surface kept clear by 4 stainless steel skimmers in the pool wall.

The pool plant room was fully automated with Besgo backwash systems and Poolwise chemical dosing backing up an ozone water treatment system.

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6m Deep Submarine Testing Tank North Yorkshire

Submarine Testing Tank

One of the more interesting projects that Brookforge has taken on recently was a Submarine Testing Tank. The tank is over 6m deep and contains over 700 cubic metres of water.

As the tank is for testing new pieces of under water equipment, provisions had to be taken for the possibility of oil leaks within the pool. Brookforge developed a sluice system using custom made skimmers that would remove the top layer of water quickly with minimal wastage. Read More…

Wellness Centre Hydrotherapy Pool Northamptonshire

Relaxation Pool & Spa at Wellness centre

Relaxation Pool & Spa

A new Wellness center required a deck-level hydrotherapy pool and spa area. Brookforge worked with the client to develop the concept into reality.

Brookforge provided a complete design and installation service for all pool hydraulics, features and filtration systems.

The pool is a unique shape and incorporates discrete areas for: a body massage station, foot and back massage station, 5 air bubble seats,  a neck massage curtain, and 4 reclining air loungers.

The plant room was technically challenging, with an array of filtration pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps and air blowers to be installed within an extremely small room.


Relaxation Pool Visual

Relaxation Pool Visual

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