Swimming Pool and Spa construction products

Rapid cure one coat render

Using a rapid curing render means that tiles can be laid only 2 hours after application. The properties of the render enable a one coat thickness application of between 2-20mm. This product saves time as well as being well suited to swimming pool and other wet areas.

Rapid hardening cement

Can be used:

  • As a bonded, unbonded or floating water resistant screed
  • Construct steps
  • Cover lids
  • To increase the pool depth
  • Fill around overflow channel

The product is ready to tile on after only three hours. Can be pumped with up to 40 minutes workability.

Insulation panels

We supply insulation panels to aid in the insulation of the concrete slab and other structural entities, please get in touch contact Brookforge to find out more.

Swimming Pool Floor Insulation