Pool Plant Room Manifolds Installation

Here at Brookforge, all of our swimming pool plant room layouts are drawn up in CAD to ensure the pool plant room equipment utilizes the space efficiently. Here in the pictures below we have the swimming pool suction and return manifolds mounted on metal frames to ensure they are safely secured in position prior to the arrival of the pool plant room equipment. Carefully planning out a pool plant room layout at the start can avoid allot hassles later on and will ensure that the necessary space is available.
Pool Plant Room Manifolds Pool Plant Room Manifolds Mounted on metal frames

Swimming Pool Plant Room considerations


The actual space required for a fully functional easily operated plant room is often underestimated. It is critical that the final pool plant equipment is specified before any new plant-room is constructed.

Plant Room Access

Plant rooms are often hidden away at the back of a pool hall or down in a basement. Pool plant equipment can often be quite sizeable, large filters, dehumidifiers and circulation pumps can also be extremely heavy. Being able to add and remove equipment quickly and easily will prevent any noticeable downtime should you encounter any problems with your equipment.


Pool plant room equipment requires water, electricity and drainage in order to function correctly, this must be taken into account at the design stage to prevent problems in the future.


Electricity, water and chemicals combined is a recipe for disaster if safety is not paramount throughout every stage of a pool plant room design. Chemicals must be stored safely, electrics must meet with the regulations and should the worst happen safety equipment must be on hand and ready to use.


Every plant room requires regular servicing to maintain it’s smooth operation, the ability to change filter media, laterals and even the filters, provision for this will make any future changes allot easier.