New Deck Level Pool Project, Pershore

Insulated concrete formwork in construction

Final position is set, construction can begin

New Deck Level Pool Project

The pool will be ‘deck level’, meaning the water will be the same height as the floor in the new building. A slot between the tiles around the perimeter will receive overflowing water.

The pool features an insulated slatted cover, which is housed in a pit at one end of the pool. The cover is on a motorized reel, and can be controlled by a wireless remote.

The level of the water automatically rises and falls depending on cover position; when open, the water level rises until  overflowing. When the cover is closed, the water level drops to minimize evaporation which occurs when in an overflowing state.

Advantages of ICF

There are numerous advantages associated with ICF construction, listed below are several:

  • Speed of construction; EPS is a lightweight material which is easy to work with, store and handle.
  • Minimal wastage; The twin wall Quad-Lock system acts as the shuttering for the concrete, therefore resulting in a fraction of the waste when compared to conventional ply shuttering. Any additional timber required is reused.
  • Thermal insulation properties; the reduction in heat loss when compared with traditional construction materials is vast.
  • Flexibility; Quad-Lock is a modular system, the design can be easily manipulated to incorporate various features.