Plant Room Pipework Installation, New Forest

Plant Room Pipework Installation

Pool plant room pipeworkPlant room pipework is installed before the floor is screeded. The first stages of a plant room installation revolves around the placement of the suctions and return pipes. At Brookforge we believe that every stage of the plant room installation must be planned in advance to ensure ample spacing is left to service and operate the plant room when required. Our aim is that the plant room is as user friendly and accessible as possible.

All pipework and plant room equipment must be well labelled, this makes it allot easier for future operatives of the plant room to navigate there way though the system. It also helps us to quickly identify and assist plant room users remotely should there be any issues in the future.

Well thought out pipe runs are the starting point in achieving a good plant room. We discuss and agree space allocation with other trades early on in the project. As chemicals are often stored in the plant room for the dosing system, proper thought and attention is given to placement and access. Dosing lines are routed in the safest way, with safeguards in place and the plant room pipework is held secure in fixed brackets.