The First Quadlock Insulated Pool Cheltenham

Insulated swimming pool by nightA new build fully insulated outdoor swimming pool installed in the Cotswold’s.

Built using the Quadlock Insulating Concrete Form-work (ICF) pool shell, insulated on both internal and external faces of all walls.

The pool benefited from:

  • Fully insulated pool floor, walls and pipe runs
  • Automatic remote control insulated slatted cover
  • Color changing fibre optic lights
  • High spec stainless steel shell fittings
  • Counter current swim jet unit
  • Twin hydrotherapy water jets

  • Fully automatic chlorine and pH dosing system with Ozone
  • Variable speed Intelliflow energy saving filtration/feature pump
  • Fully automatic backwash and water feature control via BESGO valves
  • Energy efficient Air source heat pump
  • Solar Heating
  • Water saving equipment

All of which has lead to a pool which has provided great savings in running costs throughout the season.

Insulated Pool Steps

Ref: Whiteley