Infinity Overflow Pool in Sand Banks

Infinity Overflow PoolThe construction of an infinity overflow pool has been completed down on the south coast in Bournemouth.

The beach side pool has spectacular views across pool harbor and was part of a new build luxury development in Sand Banks.    

The Infinity pool also benefited from a Binder Water turbine which creates a wide natural river current to swim against with out any associated splashing.

To maintain the water temperature over night the pool has an automated motorized slatted cover which appears from behind a false wall along the pool steps. The water circulation is controlled via Besgo valves to ensure that when the slatted cover was closed the water stops overflowing the infinity edge and prevent further heat losses. 

Thermal slatted pool cover closed on an infinity pool Infinity Overflow Grating Beach side infinity pool Infinity pool Infinity pool edge Infinity pool reflection

Beach location for pool

Infinity Overflow Pool Construction

The site for the pool was just a sandy beech with limited access through and around the new build house. The use of quad-lock ICF meant transferring the materials really easy and the concrete was pumped through the building via interlinked rubber hosing.

Once the slab was cured the walls flew up and the concrete was poured without any problems. All the swimming pools pipework, conduits and housings were fitted into the walls prior to the concrete being poured. 

quadlock pool walls ready for concrete concrete pump pipes quadlock walls post concrete pour post concrete pour pool walls swimming pool walls poured