Hill top swimming pool shell construction begins

The beauty of using Quadlock ICF for swimming pool shell construction is it’s very easy to get to site no matter how difficult the location. On-top of a rather large hill, on a slab constructed by groundwork’s team a week earlier, the basic pool shell flies up within a matter of days.

The swimming pool shell construction starts with a base track being loosely fixed to the pool slab. Next the Quadlock panels are installed with evenly spaced ties connecting the front and back panels. Once two courses are up the pool shell alignment and proportions are double checked and any adjustments are made. With the location confirmed the base track is then fixed down to the pool slab and vertical steel reinforcing bars fixed into the pool slab. Horizontal steel reinforcing bars are then added to each course and the rest of the wall can be completed. Swimming pool shell construction using quadlock ICF is quick and easy and can be undertaken in all weather conditions all year round.

We’ve had the full array of weather with this pool build; from beautiful crisp sunny mornings to dark heavy down pours and frozen ice forming over night. The only weather restriction is on the day we pour the concrete in the walls when it must be above 5 Degrees Celsius. Most concrete suppliers will not deliver in freezing conditions so we always keep an eye on upcoming weather conditions.