Completion: Luxury Insulated Overflow Pool, Warwickshire

A seamless design which hides the unsightly elements of a swimming pool

We have successfully completed another luxury insulated pool, with a slotted overflow channel and fibre optic water jets to name a few features. A separate spa is built in behind the pool with seating, which houses the pool’s automatic slatted cover. This contemporary design makes use of the same pattern of ceramic tile for both the pool and the surround, to give a sense of continuity. The height of the water is at floor level, removing any visual obstacles between the user and the water, this feature lends itself towards a very inviting atmosphere.

The elegance of this design is in its simplicity; the overflow slot has a sunken mesh which prevents debris etc from entering the overflow channel, yet it remains out of sight. There is a very clean line between the gloss of the water and the Matt tiles, a contrast which defies their shared height.