Completion: Luxury Deck Level Pool and Spa

Luxury insulated overflow pool with custom slatted cover save huge amounts of energy

A perfect union of minimalism and grandeur. It is hard to believe that a commercially rated, fully insulated 18m swimming pool and separate spa are concealed within this subtle design. With the covers open, the space in front of the house is transformed into an area of tranquility and repose, a space in which to socialise, entertain and soak up the rural surroundings; admiring the design and craftsmanship of the property as a whole.

With the covers closed, your eyes are drawn towards the house. Rather than dominate the foreground, the blue waters now reside beneath an insulated blanket. The edges of the pool and spa are now much more defined, and compliment the linear aspect of the house.

See the gallery below for photos from start to finish.

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