Pool Hall Ductwork Installed, Moreton-in-Marsh

Pool Hall Ductwork prior to stretched ceiling

The ductwork is to be concealed by a stretched ceiling, which will act as a plenum

Hiding Pool Hall Ductwork

The provision of pool hall ductwork is essential for helping a dehumidification system maintain a pleasant pool hall environment. Ductwork will channel fresh dry air to areas which are prone to humidity and condensation. This not only provides a pleasant environment for the users but will also protect the fabric/structure of the pool hall building. Moist/stale/humid air is quickly and efficiently replaced with fresh/dry and warm air. Hiding the pool hall ductwork can be achieved in many different ways such as under the floor in the pool void or as in the above example in the ceiling hidden behind a stretched ceiling (not yet installed in the pic above).

Brookforge design and installed bespoke pool hall ductwork systems for air handling systems. Our extensive experience aids the routing and placement of air outlets, working with engineers to ensure there is sufficient humidity control.

For further information please see our Ductwork mini site: www.poolduct.co.uk