Insulated Pool Steps

A swimming pool can be a costly investment to construct, run and maintain. By their nature, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool is not one of the greenest, energy efficient items a household can own.

A large volume of water requiring heating, cleaning and circulating can consume a great deal of energy, sometimes more than the rest of the house.

Large amounts of energy are lost from a swimming pool water due to heat losses through the pool surface, floor and walls.

By constructing an insulated swimming pool, large amounts of energy are saved by greatly reducing the heating costs of your pool.

By utilizing Brookforge’s unique approach to the energy efficiency of your pool we can greatly minimize running costs.

With the new PART L regulations in force all new indoor pools must become more energy efficient.

Insulated Overflow Pool ConstructionWHAT?

A Quad-Lock Insulated Pool prevents heat loss through the pool shell which in turn reduces your CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) footprint, making a significant impact on your swimming pool’s running costs.

Brookforge has been constructing Quad-Lock Insulated Pool shells since 2009.

The Quadlock system is a proven tested product, which has been used worldwide, extensively for above and below ground applications since 1994.

Quad-Lock is an ISO-certified Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) company which develops, manufactures and distributes its own-patented ICF systems.


The Quad-Lock Pool system helps prevent loss of heat energy due to it’s unique method of building installation. As a result it is estimated that the energy saving efficiency can reduce pool heating bills by 50%.

3D Quadlock Pool Wall Construction

Insulated pool wall cross section

Quad-Lock Insulated Pool is the only one-stop shop for energy efficient swimming pool construction projects, we offer:

  • Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) pool shell, insulated on both internal and external faces of all walls
  • Fully insulated pool floor
  • Internal reinforced, flexible waterproof tanking system
  • Automatic heat retention covers
  • Water saving equipment
  • Energy-efficient design of heating, filtration, and lighting
  • Air source and ground source heat pumps
  • Water saving equipment
  • Fully automated plant rooms, minimizing your day-to-day and week-to-week input
  • Insulated pipework
  • Insulated plant rooms
  • Full technical backup from Brookforge – specialist swimming pool engineers

Quad-Lock Insulated Pool Benefits

Quad-Lock pool is not an additional expensive insulation layer applied to a pool once the pool shell has been constructed traditionally – it replaces parts of the construction process – saving time and money.

Cost benefits are achieved by combining multiple steps into one step. i.e. the shuttering construction and insulation application is performed in a single operation.

Quad-Lock Pool uses different ICF panel configurations, to achieve U-values of between 0.28 to 0.15W/m2 K, exceeding Part L requirements current and beyond 2016.

Quad-Lock panels are ultra lightweight, ideal on sites with poor access; a full pool kit can be manhandled onto site within a couple of hours! – Once again saving time and money £.

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