Leisure Centre Wellness Suite

Steam Room and Sauna Wellness SuiteAs part of a major refurbishment of a pre-existing Leisure Centre close to Swindon, Brookforge were asked to help design, build and install a brand new Wellness Suite.

Included in the Wellness Suite was a Spa, a Sauna and a Steam room with all the associated plant room equipment required to maintain a safe and healthy commercial environment.

Working alongside there main contractors ‘Steele Davis’  the entire project was completed within a very tight time scale and no down time for the Leisure Centre. Steele Davis were excellent main contractors to work alongside and made sure the site was a very tidy, safe and happy place for the Brookforge engineers to work.

Making the Wellness Suite work

The Wellness Suite had it’s own dedicated plant room which contained the water treatment and filtration equipment required for safe operation of the commercial overflow spa. The overflow spa was constructed using quadlock ICF construction which meant it was highly insulated and quick to construct. As it was an overflow spa it required a balance tank which was constructed to be an integral part of the spa shell with the water flowing over a lowered edge and through an overflow grill and into the balance tank.

The sauna was self contained with the heater enclosed behind a secret wall and the steam room equipment was housed in a secure cupboard in an adjacent room.