Completion: Luxury Deck Level Pool and Spa

Luxury insulated overflow pool with custom slatted cover save huge amounts of energy

A perfect union of minimalism and grandeur. It is hard to believe that a commercially rated, fully insulated 18m swimming pool and separate spa are concealed within this subtle design. With the covers open, the space in front of the house is transformed into an area of tranquility and repose, a space in which to socialise, entertain and soak up the rural surroundings; admiring the design and craftsmanship of the property as a whole.

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Completion: Private School Refurbishment, Oxford

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

School pool being refilled after refurbishment

A complete refurbishment of an existing liner pool at an independent school in Oxford. The pool needed updating with a new commercial grade liner, stainless steel skimmers and handrails.The depth was also reduced to bring down the running costs; as there is a lower volume of water, less is spent on heating and consumables. The end result is a cheaper pool to run with increased turnover.

A completely new updated automated plantroom was installed with the ability to cope with the heavy bather load.

Certikin SLX deep bed filters were installed with Besgo automatic backwash valves, reducing the need for on-site weekly service

Brookforge worked directly with the on-site maintenance team to quickly get this pool back up and running