Pool Pipework Installation for School Pool

Pool Pipework Installation

Commercial Plantroom

Brookforge can offer assistance an expertise for Pool Pipework Installation and the associated plant room equipment and hydraulics when working alongside all of your contractors. That was certainly the case with a recent project in north London.

The client was a small Primary school, who elected a contractor of choice to construct both pool and pool hall. The initial pool and pool hall was designed by the clients architect who had a vision of a unique shape deck level overflow pool.

Brookforge were asked to:

  • Design the pool shell
  • Provide full installation drawings onto there construction/structural drawings
  • Design the pool plant room layout, hydraulics and water treatment systems
  • Pool Pipework Installation
  • Supply and install all pool shell fittings
  • Supply and install all plant room equipment and hydraulics
  • Provide advice and assistance throughout the project.

The plant room benefitted from the latest in automated pool plant equipment such as :


Time for a pool upgrade?

Indoor Pool With Water CurtainPlant Rooms

We often refurbish plant rooms as part of renovation projects. Well designed plant rooms using high quality pipework and equipment, installed properly, should provide years of trouble free service.

When one or more of these things is missing however, the plant room will not last for anywhere near as long as its original intended service life.

Our Service:

  • Replacement of lower quality white ABS pipe and fittings with high quality grey PVC.
  • Installation of locking pipe clips to prevent pipework sagging over time.
  • Fixing leaks in pipework and fittings.
  • Offering solutions to features that have stopped working or have never worked.
  • Replacement of old equipment with new, updated equivalents, read more about¬†intelliflo.
  • Increased functionality; automated solutions & wireless control, click intellipool to read more.
  • Water treatment upgrades; whether this in achieved through more efficient filtration, more effective chemical dosing or the addition of disinfection equipment such as UV and ozone systems. Read More…

New Deck Level Pool Project, Pershore

Insulated concrete formwork in construction

Final position is set, construction can begin

New Deck Level Pool Project

The pool will be ‘deck level’, meaning the water will be the same height as the floor in the new building. A slot between the tiles around the perimeter will receive overflowing water.

The pool features an insulated slatted cover, which is housed in a pit at one end of the pool. The cover is on a motorized reel, and can be controlled by a wireless remote.

The level of the water automatically rises and falls depending on cover position; when open, the water level rises until  overflowing. When the cover is closed, the water level drops to minimize evaporation which occurs when in an overflowing state. Read More…