New Forest: Quad-Lock Construction Update

By ensuring that we fix the starter bars in ourselves, we can ensure that they do not dictate where the Quad-Lock walls are set.

The majority of the Quad-Lock structure has been completed, along with reinforcement steels. The remainder of structure will be completed shortly and prepared for concrete pouring. The top of the Quad-Lock walls are cut to laser level ensuring that any inaccuracies in the slab are overcome before the finished floor level.


New Forest: New Insulated Pool Build

360 view from inside the swimming pool shell

A 360 view from inside the pool shell

A new insulated outdoor pool project in Hampshire, using the Quad-Lock ICF (Insulating Concrete Form-work) system.

Brookforge have pioneered the use of Quad-Lock in swimming pool construction and with Quad-Lock being so flexible, it is our ICF of choice. To read more about the Quad-Lock system read here.

Setting out is a critical stage of the project whereby accuracy is key. Once the reinforcement starter bars are anchored in, the rest of the construction can be completed extremely quickly.


Southampton: Refurbishment Project

Depth increased, new skimmers installed and concrete tanked

We were asked to refurbish and improve an outdoor pool that was to be housed for year round use. The specification included increasing the depth of the entire pool, installing skimmers with an automatic top up, fitting new lights and install a modern plant room. A Calorex Delta air handling unit along with all duct-work was also specified and installed.