School overflow pool commissioned

School Overflow PoolA new build school overflow pool has been commisioned by Brookforge Poolbuild engineers. Working along side the council architects and builders, Brookforge helped with the design and build on this unique school pool. As well the design of the pool structure, we specified and installed all the plantroom equipment to meet with all safety standards applicable.

Brookforge’s role in constructing this school overflow pool

  • Design the pool shell
  • Pool Pipework Installation
  • Supply and install all pool shell fittings
  • Supply and install all plant room equipment and hydraulics
  • Provide advice and assistance throughout

Spray Tanking Swimming Pool Shell


Spray Tanking Swimming Pool ShellSpray tanking swimming pool shells ensures a perfect water tight swimming pool. The specialist tanking system is applied over several days and given several coats with each coat being fully dried before the next is applied. All fittings, conduits and overflows have tanking overlaps which prevent water ingress into the pool wall. Once the tanking is finished, it will have a smooth, flexible and slightly tacky finish which can then be tiled directly onto. Typically 2 – 3 coats are sprayed, depending on site conditions and external hydrostatic pressure.

If tanking is not used then you are guaranteed to have problems in  the future, we get many refurbishment requests which have been the result of water ingress caused by poor or no tanking.

New Deck Level Pool Project, Pershore

Insulated concrete formwork in construction

Final position is set, construction can begin

New Deck Level Pool Project

The pool will be ‘deck level’, meaning the water will be the same height as the floor in the new building. A slot between the tiles around the perimeter will receive overflowing water.

The pool features an insulated slatted cover, which is housed in a pit at one end of the pool. The cover is on a motorised reel, and can be controlled by a wireless remote.

The level of the water automatically rises and falls depending on cover position; when open, the water level rises until  overflowing. When the cover is closed, the water level drops to minimise evaporation which occurs when in an overflowing state. Read More…

Pool Shell Construction & Concrete Pour

7m high ICF Pool Shell Construction

7m high ICF wall being constructed

Basement Level Pool Shell Construction

The pool structure comprises three walls at 1.4m, with the fourth wall at full ceiling height; supporting the concrete floor above.

The cover will be housed in a ‘cave’ formed by a cantilever lid. This lid is tied in and cast with the walls.

The pool features two stainless steel skimmers with an automatic top up to ensure the water level remains the same. Read More…